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Probate Records Request


When you request a “probate record,” the Madison County Genealogical Society will send a representative to the Courthouse to research your request, after your request and your check have been received. They will copy what they consider to be the 10 most important pages (i.e. will, list of heirs, etc.) and mail them to you postpaid, for $20 along with a list of documents contained in any pages beyond 10. You can then elect to obtain additional pages of your choosing by remitting additional funds per an agreement you establish with the Madison County Genealogical Society.

Be advised that the “probate records” cannot be removed from the Courthouse and the County charges 50¢ per page for use of their copy machine. If the “record” contains fewer than 10 pages, the minimum charge will still be $20.

A “probate record” is a file or set of files maintained at the Madison County, Iowa Courthouse. It may include a will, a final report, appointment of administrator or executor, list of heirs, inventory, publisher’s affidavit of administration, report of Referee in probate, appraiser’s bill, and other papers. The “record” usually contains a few pages but sometimes contains as many as 100 pages or more. For this reason, a set price for copying the entire “record” cannot be determined in advance and, you may not want the entire “record”.

Note: If you see the word “Missing” associated with the record at, it has been lost or misplaced and is not available for copying.

If you wish to order copies of probate records, please mail your request along with a $20.00 check for each probate number requested to the Madison County Genealogy Society at P.O. Box 26, Winterset, Iowa 50273

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